Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our first news post!

March 22 – This is just a test, but it means our Whitewater Middle team can post live updates on the Eco-Footprint Challenge website.

Whitewater Middle School in Charlotte is among six in the Catawba River District that are taking part in the first-ever Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation Eco-Footprint Challenge. Each school is trying to reduce something it uses or throws out that can hurt the environment, like energy, water, trash and even uneaten food.
For our project we have decided to fight ozone with our garden and other measures.
This blog will allow each school to log in, post photos, text and videos and, after Rich Haag edits the materials, post them on our blogs.
The blogs will have their headlines appear on our news pages, too.
Very exciting - and after a lot of dead ends, the system works!

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